Presentation of the new collection aw2016/17 in Bloom Boutique in Lodz, read more

  Sesion cover to the magazine Business Women&Life 04-05.2016, read more

    Anna Piszczałka, finalist Top Model dressed in a navy blue jumpsuit Vivitt, during the presentation of the collection brand shoes Wojas, read more

  Our new collection ss2016 on the fashion show Polish Designers in Sky Tower in Wroclaw.  by Linda Parys.Photo gallery by Linda Parys,

   The publication of photos in the magazine „Your Style” on the noble metal, read more.

  Interview „A pinch of luck and power of determination,  read more.

  The photo shoot for the magazine Lounge #77, read more.

  Karolina Gilon, finalist Top Model dressed in trousers Vivitt, during the Flasz Fashion Night, read more.

  Fashion show aw 2015/16, during the IV Polish Businesswomen Congress 2015,  read more

  Session cover to the magazine Businesswomen&life 10-11.2015 read more.

  Fashion show aw2015/16 with the participation of the Bloom Boutique, read more