v i v i t t   is a brand created for modern thinking and modern living women.

v i v i t t   is a combination of elegance, quality, design and comfort.

v i v i t t   is response for women’s needs, for those who want to build their own, consistent image, and at the same time feel confident and special in every situation.

Products with vivitt tags characterized by a unique design, manifesting itself both in form and detail. About the quality of products testify used fabrics and extremely careful finish.

On a basic collection of brands includes all the necessary elements of the modern woman’s wardrobe. They form a coherent whole, enabling the easy creation of kits for any occasion. The collection is entirely sewn in Poland, with Polish and Italian fabrics, especially wool, viscose, silk and leather.

When I decided to go to study in Design and Dress Design

at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź I knew why I was

doing it. On the one hand, I wanted develop my passion,

and the other wanted it to be this one passion has also

become something tangible in its own form

clothing brand.

I created the VIVITT brand with those of you in mind

they look for classics in a modern approach in their clothes.

Classics it is always elegant, but you can not allow it,

it was boring.

Clothes from the sign of my brand must have non-standatd

clothing solutions and details, but everythink is

fastened together.